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My aim as an herbalist is to provide a safe and friendly healing space. A key element of my herbal practice and personal interest is to identify stress within the body and the unfortunate way the body can react to it. Commonly words used: “feeling stressed out,” Chronic/adrenal fatigue and “burnt out”. Identifying stress in the body can improve existing health conditions and prevent illness and disease.

With my expertise and holistic approach, I can empower you to take an active role in your own health and embark on a natural path towards vitality and balance.

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Dedicated to herbal remedies & holistic wellness

Allow me to share a brief insight into who I am. With a passion for natural healing and a wealth of experience in the field, I am committed to helping individuals achieve optimal well-being through herbal medicine and holistic practices.

Jill Campbell BSc. (Hons) Clinical Herbalism


As your herbalist I am here to guide you by providing individualised and personalised attention to your health needs, as you are unique. I combine evidence based traditional medicine with modern science and research.

I am committed to offering you a non-judgmental, compassionate environment in which healing can take place. I am an authentic practitioner and in doing so strive for balance in my own life. So, that I can be the best for myself, those around me, and my patients.

Unlocking vitality and well-being

A collaborative approach to wellness

I do not view my practice as ‘alternative’ medicine where patients have to choose one thing or another. I do not practice ‘complementary’ medicine where orthodox medicine treatment leads and others take a lesser role.

My ethos is collaborative approach to wellness, where professionals work together to support the patient and guide them through all the complexities of illness and healing. This may include GP’s, consultants, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychologists and the herbalist.

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Kind Words from our Clients
  • David Tait

    Lovely relaxing place, I’m always treated well here! I really enjoyed my herbal consultation & wouldn’t go anywhere else now! – highly recommend them.

  • Stella Cole

    Jill is like a magical plant whisperer who has sprinkled positive vibes and herbal wisdom into my life, leaving me feeling happier and healthier than ever!

  • Angela Bowes

    The herbalist Jill is a true herbal guru, sprinkling their knowledge and plant-powered goodness into my world, creating a happier and healthier me!

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Restore balance to your health & life through herbal medicine